Have a Waste-Wise Christmas

While the Christmas season can bring a lot of happiness it unfortunately also makes a lot of waste. Traditions are something that are passed on through generations however an overflowing general waste bin on Boxing Day is something that can change.

Paper, cards, bottles, cans, clean aluminium foil dishes (crushed into a ball), cardboard, old fairy lights, other electronics and soft plastics can be recycled through designated programs And for all those unwanted gifts consider regifting to a charity or a not-for-profit fundraiser.

When purchasing gifts consider the packaging and what can be recycled. Use paper wrapping and natural fibre string to tie, or try reusable wrapping like fabric or even a beautiful scarf – which then becomes part of the gift itself.

If you don’t want dishes on Christmas Day, serve on compostable plates.And mindful menu planning result in plenty of safe leftovers to eat/freeze. Planning ahead creates less stress, less waste, more space, more time and saves you money. Who doesn’t want that at Christmas?

Choose gifts that reduce waste like pre-loved gifts, homemade gifts, or gifting an experience rather than material goods. Contribute to the circular economy and reduce travel by shopping local – and support our small businesses in the process. Our local markets are a great place to start for inspiration.

Let’s aim for more Christmas spirit and less Christmas waste this year!

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