Come feed the dolphins

Norma Sanderson, 0439075271

Brrr…  It’s getting cold in the mornings at the Dolphin Centre, but it doesn’t stop the dolphins from visiting. The volunteers stand in the water during the presentation of information and are finding the water very chilly, but you are only in the water during feeding for a few minutes.

We open at 7am and have viewing of the dolphins until around 7.45am. This gives visitors a chance to hear all about the history and attributes of our Australian Humpback Dolphins. Photographing is welcomed.

We have had visits from another two young dolphins in the creek. They swim in with either Harmony, Ella or Patch. I think they are checking things out.

One of the dolphins could be ‘Squirt’, who was forced out of the area by the adult males some years ago. We are hoping it is him and he will start feeding from the public as before.

If you have family or grandchildren visiting for the school holidays, please bring them down so they can learn about the dolphins. Remember, if you are a resident you don’t pay admission to the centre, only pay to feed the dolphins.

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