Easter Fair a success

Early Peeks at PrizesI would like to thank our members for their support and hard work to make the day the success it was, we all had a great day!

I would also like to thank the public (particularly the kids) who attended on the day for their participation and getting involved in the day as it was intended, a Family Fun day.

People who attended had a great time with the kids getting into the craft, games and Egg & Spoon races (Mums and Dads too), the table art was awesome with some real outstanding works. The 10 cent Auction with so many quality prizes on offer, became very popular, once people began to understand how it worked, great prizes for a 10 cent bid! The various craft and photography displays attracted a lot of attention. The comments on the quality of the food showed that the effort in the kitchen was rewarded.

Cooloola Cove Residents & Friends wishes to thank all those businesses and individuals who kindly donated prizes and cash for our day, thank you!

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