Droughtrunners – December 2020

There has been no rain in Longreach despite stories to the contrary. This photo was taken last month

There has been no rain in Longreach despite stories to the contrary. This photo was taken last month

Hello all,

To our last report for 2020. It seems to have gone quickly, but a good one to forget.

Since our last report parts of Queensland have had sporadic storms but with no significant falls where it is most needed.

Some roads near Longreach were cut for a few hours last month from a storm and according to news reports you would think the drought was over, but it is far from it.

I also delivered probably the biggest load yet into the School of Distance Education at Longreach, as well as $3500 in Visa vouchers for farming families.

Our next delivery is also to the School of Distance Education, as those kids doing School of the Air come in for their final assessments.

I am not doing the next trip as the roads out west have gone to the pack and with a ute load and 2.5 ton trailer, it’s not much fun.

Hopefully those going enjoy the trip.

As you know we also help other groups and we have just donated another $800 of fencing materials to Fencing For Fires in North East Victoria.

We have now put in around $14,000 to the fire area and there is still hundreds of kms of fencing to renew. Due to Covid it has been hard to get volunteers.

This next trip to Longreach includes mainly Christmas presents for farming families, fruit and vegetables in season, toiletries, prawns, and about $4000 in vouchers.

I must thank the following donors this month. Firstly M Watts for a wonderful $5000 donation, Jocy Anderson in Hobart $200, HTR Stewart in Melbourne $500, Adele Tauri $100, Nestle Aust Ltd eight trays of coffee, Eats Family in Vic $200, Bill and Patty Watts, Bev Yeoman (great presents), Christine Crowe all supporting again with lovely presents, Wal and Betty Freeman, and Bill Neil who donates wonderful homemade wooden toys.

A huge thank you to the Reibel Family of Tin Can Bay for a huge donation of cooked prawns.

Thanks to the Rainbow Beach Pharmacy and Big W who are both collecting presents for us to take out west.

Wayne Kerle with his bottle and can collections at Rainbow Waters, and Rainbow Beach Surf Club, a big thank you.

At this stage we will keep our collection trolleys going over Christmas and then hopefully the heaven’s will open.

Trolleys are located at IGA Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay and Drakes IGA and they also have vouchers available.

Many thanks everyone for helping again.

Stay safe and have a happy Christmas.

Tony Stewart. Rainbow Beach DroughtRunners (Facebook) 0408 767930

BSB 124047 A/C 22599186 BOQ Gympie.

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