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Our local Dragons at the recent Manly Regatta at Lake Kawana

Our local Dragons at the recent Manly Regatta at Lake Kawana

When your team comes back from a regatta and a team member tells you “it was one of the hardest but best days I have had, but what a buzz” you know it’s been good!

These words were exclaimed by Toni Archer of the Cooloola Coast Dragons after the recent Manly Dragon Boat Regatta at Lake Kawana in November. The Cooloola Coast Dragons entered numerous events and although they did not win they all put in a tremendous effort.

Coach Sandy Wooster, recently granted life membership said, “I am very proud of all our paddlers, the new paddlers handled themselves very well, and our 2km time was one of our best ever!”

The Christmas and New Year Festive season is upon us and the Dragons will take a break until 9 January 2022 (really already) when they will be back on the water each Thursday from 3.30pm and each Sunday morning from 7.30am.

Training will commence almost immediately for the next big event, which is the Redcliffe Regatta at Lake Kawana on 23 January 2022.  Additional training is scheduled for those entering into this event.

New members are very welcome, just come along on a Thursday at 3.30pm or Sunday at 7.30am to give it a go and experience paddling.

Throughout the year there are numerous events like the Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, 1770 Regattas, and naturally our own two day regatta here in Tin Can Bay on the first weekend in July 2022.

Over the last couple of months due to the increase in membership we have often been able to take out two dragon boats, affectionately named Ceratodus and Stamina, and visitors to the Bay have enjoyed watching the camaraderie of the crews as they take to the water.

The camaraderie of the members extends beyond the paddling and many are involved with shared activities of kayaking, camping, bushwalking, and other physical activities.

Not to forget the Dragon’s Lair Cafe at the Tin Can Bay markets each 3rd Saturday of the month. Staffed by Dragon volunteers, the breakfast menu is extensive and affordable.

For more info on Dragon Boating please phone Sandy 0402352746.

Wishing everyone a safe holiday time and a Happy New Year.

Lizz Donovan

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