Coolabay Choir

The choir meets each week at 3pm for an hour at the Cooloola Coast Bowls Club on the main road opposite Bayside Road, Cooloola Cove.

We are so pleased now to have a pianist who ably accompanies our choir and has fitted in so admirably. We have around 20 members attending regularly and as the weather cools a little and holidays come to an end, I am sure the numbers will swell.

At present we have a core of good voices, all fully committed and new ones coming in from time to time. Last week we had eight sopranos (high voices), six altos (lower ladies voices), and three baritones (men’s voices).

We have new music on the go and are tackling some adventurous pieces with encouraging results.

If you are interested to join us please contact Pam Graham: 0427180649 or e-mail:

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