Be Aware, There Are Horses There!

Wild horse grazing beside the roadTo see a wild horse grazing beside the road as you drive past is a mighty sight, however HQ Plantations is advising drivers to be aware of the risk this beauty brings.

When navigating roads in and around national parks and forestry areas be conscious that there are horses about and that during dawn, dusk, and night time the animals are more active but harder to see.

Did you know that HQ Plantations use a capture and rehoming method of mitigating this roadside risk? Horses are given vital healthcare and while it may seem like the horses are free in the wild, they are under constant pressure (from predators etc) so when rehomed are offered safety and love.

HQ Plantations are proactive about mitigating risk to drivers and are asking the public to report horse sighting via the online portal at so a log of horse movements can be recorded.

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