Ambulance say “Display Your House Number”

The ambulance officers who respond to emergency call-outs in the Rainbow Beach area are again reporting difficulties in identifying the correct address due to a lack of signage on houses.

When an emergency call is made to triple zero (000), it is vital that the paramedics are able to respond in the shortest possible time. That means being able to identify the relevant address.

The Local Ambulance Committee (LAC) has in the past urged residents to ensure that their house number is clearly visible. Some people have taken the initiative and now have their number in a prominent place.

If you do not have your house number displayed, you could assist the ambulance officers by explaining to the 000 operator what your house looks like, e.g., low set or high set, brick or timber, colour etc.; is there some distinguishing feature or do you have your car in the driveway?

It would also help if it is possible to have someone stand outside the house to flag the ambulance down and of course, at night time to put on an outside light.

The preferred option is for the house to have a clearly visible reflective street number, at least 100 mm in height.

As an emergency can occur at any time, it is most important that you are able to get medical assistance quickly.

Cheryl Zunic


Cooloola Coast Local Ambulance Committee