Ambulance Open Day Success

Amir Matthews hops on board the ambulance with mum, Lily

Amir Matthews hops on board the ambulance with mum, Lily

The Open Day at the Tin Can Bay Ambulance Station was a great success with a number of local people turning up to meet the Ambulance Officers and learn more about the valuable work they do.

The equipment which they use in the course of this work was also on display including a newly purchased HoverMatt.

The Officer-in-Charge, Wilbur Fahey, said that the HoverMatt will be of great benefit in moving patients onto a stretcher for transportation to hospital.

The Matt inflates to stretcher height and will assist the paramedics to lift the patient with minimal impact on either the patient or the officers involved. The HoverMatt was funded by the Local Ambulance Committee.

A new supply of Emergency Medical Information Booklets has also been purchased by the Committee and they are available at the Rainbow Beach and Tin Can Bay Libraries, as well as some pharmacies and doctors’ surgeries.

The booklets can be used to record personal and medical information so that it is ready for use in an emergency. They can be attached to the refrigerator or some other prominent position in the house.

The Ambulance Officers have reported that the information contained in the booklets is of much assistance when attending to a patient. Please remember to keep the booklet updated if your medication or medical history alters.

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