Adventure in Tin Can Bay

Is it more fun pushing or swinging?

Is it more fun pushing or swinging?

If you saw the itinerary for the Year 1/2 camp, you would be impressed. Last term, Is it more fun pushing or swinging?students only travelled thirty minutes away, but there was so much for them to do!

It included sitting in the Fire Truck and operating the huge hose; hands in the ‘goo’ that keeps the moisture in pot plants at City Farm; drumming a beat on the Dragon boat; receiving a radio call on the coast guard rescue boat and eating the delicious fresh fruit at Woolworths.

Teacher Therese Young said, “For some, camp was adding on to their past experience, but for a few young children it was a very brave, first ever school overnight camp.

“It was a great two days spent with Mrs Hempi and Mrs White as we visited local area groups. The children were commended at each venue for their wonderful standard of behaviour, great interest to learn and super manners.”

Therese said, “A super time was had by all. I’m sure that we all slept well back in our own beds Wednesday night.”

No doubt teachers are planning more fun camps now 2016 school year is underway!

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