A family tradition: The Memorial Surf Classic

A huge crowd gathered for the 2021 Memorial Surf Classic at Double Island Point

A huge crowd gathered for the 2021 Memorial Surf Classic at Double Island Point

After starting off the 2021 Memorial Surf Classic with camping at Freshwater on Friday night, the crew was ready for an early start.

Driving over the headland in the morning things weren’t looking so promising, with not even a ripple in the water, we were hesitant about the comp but Huey the Surf God came through for us and the waves began to build-up during the morning.

Kicking off the Memorial with the juniors and going right through to the old farts (over 50s), we had a successful fun day shared by members of 35 years and the families it has adopted throughout those years.

We welcome all to join us for a non-stressful day filled with history and memories made for our future generations.

Once the day had finished we headed back to the campsite where a presentation was held to announce the 2021 Surf Classic winners:

Jnr Boys: 1st Kai Kelly, 2nd Blake Findlater, 3rd Luke Lattanzi

Jnr Girls: Jahli Parton, only entry

Cadets: 1st Tom Paterson, 2nd Josh Kelly, 3rd Mason Bignell

Masters: 1st Simon Mahony, 2nd Jake Parton, 3rd Cliff Speed

Old Farts: 1st Murray Samuels, 2nd Beanie (Wayne) Mahony, 3rd Todd Otton

Ladies: 1st Charly Cesar, 2nd April Summers, 3rd Kyani Parton

Grommie of the day was Kasey-Cruize Findlater

Highest Scoring Wave went to Eric Lawton

Best Barrel: Charly Cesar

Best Wipe Out of the day went to Mason Bignell for the fifth year in a row!

Finally, Open 1st: Eric Lawton, 2nd Joel Mahon, 3rd Mathew (Chicko) Mcilroy

Thank you to all our sponsors and the support you all give each year! It means more than you know and to everyone who came, as this has been an event to look forward to every year not only to get together again, but to remember the loved ones lost and to keep the history alive.

Shout out to Jake and Beejay Parton, also Charly Cesar, for without you it wouldn’t be possible.

Next monthly comp is May 22, contact them on: rainbowbeachboardriders1986@gmail.com

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