14 seasons of sunshine and surf time

After the awesome events of Thirsty Merc and the Rodeo, the next few weeks are jam-packed with the Bay to Bay, Warbirds, Hot Rod and Rockabilly Rumble, BioBlitz, Mother’s Day Classic, GourMAY and IRB Ocean Roar.

You can learn Italian or have your say on the Rainbow Beach Sportsground, Cooloola Cove Skatepark and resilience of our coastline.

In this issue, meet a couple of local characters and hear their history, plus we introduce three newer residents.

We also announce Nipper Champs, and after 14 seasons of Sundays on the beach, we Gilmores are officially graduating from Rainbow Beach Nippers.

It is not just summer, from spring to Easter you’d find us rain, hail or shine on the beach. Mandatory sunshine and surf time, 8.30-10.30am.

It is not a sport you drop and go. Nippers relies on families to get involved. I’ve met wonderful parents, grandparents and carers from the coast, Gympie and surrounds by volunteering at Nippers.

Work as an Age Manager for Heatley was not always easy (!), but seeing almost a decade of Nippers progress through the age groups was rewarding.

It has been fun helping the club over the years (even Tracey’s BBQ tent!) and a big shout out to Karly, Kim and Kelly for continuing on with uniform duties! Another congratulations to Helen Brown, our co-ordinator. Helen gives her all to our Nippers, I thank her and all the managers over the years.

Heatley worked Sundays when I started with our two eldest, I was also shepherding an excited two-year-old whilst simultaneously managing feed and nap time for our youngest.

But to watch the levels of confidence grow in each of our children – as ‘green caps’, conquering the ‘cans’, learning the boards, then progressing through to their surf rescue certificates and becoming lifesavers, is heartwarming. Yes, I am a proud mum.

I am so grateful to our Surf Club and members and all it has given back to us as a family. I would definitely recommend the experience to others. Give it a try!

Until next month – and Happy Mother’s Day!

PS  I still think we’ll be on the beach Sunday mornings – where else would you rather be?

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