Tin Can Bay Sailability’s Pontoon Project

Our pontoon committee has gained the ear of our local MP for State;  he put our proposal to his caucus and it was passed as a project for action. Sadly, of course, his lot did not make it into government, but that doesn’t mean all is lost.

We are arranging a meeting with him as soon as holidays permit, and will be pushing for them to put our plan to the ‘reigning’ lot! Failing that, we may also have a chance with the current Get Going Clubs grant system. We fit the criteria and just need our MP to back our application.

Our Grants Officer, Joyleen, has temporarily stepped aside with health problems and we wish her a speedy recovery. Joyleen was very successful on her first try to gain us a minor grant from the Gaming people, and it has been wisely spent to date.

New PDF ‘s, several First Aid courses, a laptop for the registrar , a wonderful new trailer for the safety boat, and, coming soon, a new suite of sails for the dinghies.

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