Stay hydrated in the heat

Health - Stay hydrated in the heatSummer is finally here! Very hot and sunny days are forecast for the coming months and with it comes a need for everyone to keep hydrated and to safely enjoy the sun.

During the day, it is essential to consider an electrolyte drink to replenish those important minerals that we have lost in the heat. Water alone is not enough – often it can increase our output of electrolytes and make us more thirsty while we drink more, because our body is trying to replenish the electrolytes that we lost sweating, that water unfortunately does not have.

Commercially available electrolytes are not in balanced ratios, often those products are very high in sugars or sodium without much consideration for calcium, magnesium and potassium. The other problems with some of these drinks are artificial sweeteners and dyes or even just ingredients with very long names that are far from natural sources and more harmful than helpful.

Coconut water is a very good source of potassium, and also a small tip of a teaspoon of Celtic salt added to your bottle of water can be beneficial, however in most cases not enough.

Rainbow Naturals keep in stock a range of electrolytes for different needs.

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