Ripples of Change Awards at Rainbow Beach State School

Last month, students at Rainbow Beach State School received a boost to help them make positive environmental changes, benefiting the Great Barrier Reef.

ripples of change 1 (Medium)

Maya, Drew, Coby and Amy receive the $500 cheque and certificate from Reef Guardians Program’s Carolyn Luder

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s (GBRMPA) Ripples of Change Awards support school projects that create awareness, understanding and appreciation of the Reef and its connected ecosystems.

Carolyn Luder, Project Manager Reef Guardians Program, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority presented the school with $500 to help deliver educational environmental stewardship projects in 2013. This Reef Guardian school has taken a great approach to environmental stewardship with plans to develop an educational bush tucker nature walk through their school grounds.

The project will help encourage conservation in the local area and educate students about the important connections between the environment and traditional Indigenous culture. The new funding will go towards signage for the plants to educate students about their food or medicinal qualities.

The positive work of our Reef Guardians proves that a community-based approach to caring for the Reef catchment is essential to preserving social, economic and environmental values.

Reef Guardian Schools receive their Ripples of Change award funding early in term one to allow teachers to implement their project during the school year.

Currently 293 schools and more than 114,900 students and 7280 teachers take part in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s Reef Guardian Schools program.

All Reef Guardian Schools manage their energy, waste, water and biodiversity and educate their communities about the importance of working together today for a healthier Reef tomorrow.

A full list of Ripples of Change Award school winners and project summaries is available on the GBRMPA website at

ripples of change 2 (Medium)

Declan removed a plastic bag from Lucy the Green Turtle with Carolyn Luder’s help

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