Rainbow Beach Fishing Report


By Tony Stewart, 54868666, rainbowbeachfishing.com.au 

Since our last report we haven’t done a lot of trips offshore. October was terrible weather, no rain but all wind. Winds were mainly from the North and they are not my favourite!

This month has been a little better offshore, although we have struck some big storms in the Straits whilst returning to base. You can view photos on my website and facebook page

Our main catches lately have included Snapper to 6kgs ,Pearl Perch, Parrot Frying Pan Snapper, Maori Cod and Gold Spot Cod. We have now started to pick up a few Spotty Mackerel and they are a good size. This species should become more prolific over the Summer months.

The Straits have continued to produce Mud Crabs for most of the year and lately Sand Crabs have also made an appearance.

Campers at Inskip have enjoyed battling some big Golden Trevally over the last month, but you will need good gear to stop these Brutes.

Anyway till next month- good fishing and enjoy the festive season, happy Christmas.

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