Happy Campers at the new Rainbow Beach Tackle Camping and Disposal

Wayne and Cheryl Jones are happy to open up their doors again, to a brand new shop!

Wayne and Cheryl Jones are happy to open up their doors again, to a brand new shop!

Barb Rees

They say a change is as good as a holiday, but Wayne and Cheryl Jones from “The Camping Shop” have had both a change and a holiday of late. They closed their business for six months to enable the old building to be razed to the ground and rebuilt as a much bigger, much better, more open and very cool new shop.

They didn’t rest on their laurels however. As well as the annual trip out west, Wayne also did the fit-out himself, “The time went quickly, we not only made all the shop fittings, we also went for lunch up and down the coast and had a few sleep ins!” laughs Wayne.

The couple moved from Parkes in NSW to take over the Camping Shop 15 years ago and with a lot of hard yakka and long hours have built it up to be the largest independently owned camping shop on the coast.

What are they excited about in the new premises? “The air conditioned comfort”.

They recently released not one, but two catalogues full of bargains. “We are so proud that we are the biggest and best and now we are also the cheapest,” says Wayne.

“We have already been getting phone orders from the catalogues even though the shop has been closed! The Jarvis Walker and Oztrail Christmas specials catalogue will run through to end of January or until we run out of stock.”

“We have expanded our range to include kayaks, outboard motors and parts and are also stocking more Oz Trail camping and Jarvis Walker fishing products. We will have a wall of fishing gear, a wall of camping gear and then everything else on the other wall.”

Wayne adds, ” A big thank you to all of our customers for their patience and loyalty …. But Cheryl and I especially want to thank our family, Paul, Jane and Liam…. without them we would not have survived over the last 15 years.”

If hard work and determination count for anything, the Jones’s new shop will be even more successful.

Another local family-run business that deserves our support, get down and get lost in the amazing array of camping, boating and fishing gear and be a happy camper!

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