Golf Club Championships Start in March

Julie Mulhall and Gayl Rose - Monthly Medal Winners for February

Julie Mulhall and Gayl Rose – Monthly Medal Winners for February

Playing conditions were very difficult during the past month as a wet course made the scores very high.

We are forging ahead with Ladies, Mens, and Vets championships starting in March.

We have had several visitors from different states of Australia playing in our competitions since the borders have opened up and we are always pleased to see new faces on the course.

The Country Club has recently appointed a New Head Greenkeeper to the staff and he is busy implementing the improvements which have been planned for our course.

We have competition golf on all days except Monday. Bookings for the 18 hole competitions can be made through the Pro Shop by either calling in or ringing 0409 727  577.

The Thursday and Friday 9 hole competitions commence from 7 am onwards and bookings are not necessary.

New residents to the area wishing to join our Golf Club can do all the necessary paperwork at the  Country Club front desk where our friendly office staff can assist.

Our Resident Professional James will take bookings from anyone wishing to learn how to play golf. He has a good variety of clothing and equipment for sale also.

Motorised hire buggies are able to be booked for anyone who would rather drive the course instead of walking.

Until next month,

Helen Gordon, Golf Committee Secretary

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