Get set for Prep

Excited playgroup pre-preps line up for the classroom

Excited playgroup pre-preps line up for the classroom

by Principal Dan Stanieg

It is fantastic to be back at Rainbow Beach State School and see so many happy faces. The last time I taught at Rainbow was 2009, on the oval teaching P.E.

I have worked extremely hard, which has enabled me to return as Principal. Over the past three years I have been a principal at a small school called Givelda, a deputy principal at Golden Beach State School, and a deputy at Coolum State School, which had a student enrolment of 1050 students. I am certainly enjoying the family feel that Rainbow offers.

My family will finish the year off at the Sunshine Coast before moving to Rainbow Beach in 2018 to attend school. They are excited about the new adventure.

Term 4 is always a busy time of the school year, with lots of exciting and fun things for the school community to be involved in. Please keep an eye on up-and-coming newsletters for important dates to put on your calendar.

As the term does get very busy, it is very important that the students attend school every day to enable them access to the curriculum and continue to develop social skills as they move forward to their next year level.

If for any reason your child has to have a day off school it is important that you let the school know so we can record it.

Please make sure you introduce yourself when you come to the school and I look forward to a great Term 4 at Rainbow Beach State School.

Student Council news

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Holt Bolt and Fun Run Day, which raised approximately $1000 for the Student Council, and the annual Halloween Disco/Dress was just as popular.

Join fitness and brekky club

Fitness Club aims to get the kids involved in healthy fitness activities and habits.  Sarah Booth and Anne Moroney co-run the fitness club and are both Cert IV qualified Fitness Trainers.

They are also parents of students at RBSS, whose aim is to offer the kids a fun workout incorporating fitness principles and exercises, and also games for fun and interest.

Fitness Club starts at 7am – 7.45am. Please ensure the volunteers are present before dropping off your children. Also we invite parents to join in the session and have fun with fitness.

Breakfast Club is co-ordinated by Leanne Bosse and helped out by Anne Moroney and Sarah Booth. Breakfast Club is always in need of helpers to cook breakfast or tidy up or help the children to get their breakfast and supervise the session.

Leanne’s main goal is to give the kids a healthy yet interesting breakfast, perhaps something they haven’t tried before, yet still likely that a child would enjoy eating.

We are keen also for local ‘Celebrity Chefs’ from local businesses and groups to make breakfast each week. Please get in touch with Leanne on 0427794264 if you would like to help or be a celebrity chef!

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