Get ready for the 2013 Flower Show – New Competitions and Awards

The Local Ambulance Committee is preparing the entry forms for the upcoming Flower Show (don’t forget the date – October 19th) and these will be available in selected stores shortly.  The forms are printed on a daffodil yellow sheet and entries must be at the Community Centre between 2pm and 5pm on Friday the 18th October along with 50cents for each entry.

There have been a few changes this year, mainly to those categories which did not attract a lot of entries in the past.  Some of them have been deleted and new ones added. Once again there will be work shops and demonstrations, plants for sale, raffles, stalls, and morning and afternoon tea catered by the Tin Can Bay Lionesses. 

There will be a photography section again this year and this has proved to be extremely popular.  Digital photography has certainly boosted the entries in this area and the photographs are wonderful – anything floral.  Happy snapping!

 This year there will be a “People’s Choice” award for a winner in all categories, including the photography sections.  Again this year there will be the decorated Garden Boot as well as a novelty arrangement, and a Song Theme in the Floral Work category.

An extra item to get children more involved is a Colouring in Competition.  There are posters with a design already printed on them available at the schools, and all the children have to do is colour in the poster with any medium (pencil, crayon, paints etc) and return the completed poster back to the schools.


flower show sept 13

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