Council Corner June 2022

Road Reseals

Certain Cooloola Coast roads have been getting resealed which re-establishes a continuous waterproofing layer over the pavement (structural gravel base of a road) by renewing the wearing course on a road. If the road pavement is exposed to weather, it makes it susceptible to damage for traffic and once damaged the repair costs significantly increase to around 20 times the original amount.

Dob In a Pothole 

The constant wet weather is playing havoc to compromised roads and has created a higher frequency and volume of potholes across the region. Repair crews are making their way around the region however pavement moisture is creating issues with repairs lasting. If you are aware of any potholes then please report them to Council.

Bus Stops for the Coast

Two funding programs (the Passenger Transport Accessible Infrastructure Program and the Passenger Transport Infrastructure Investment Program) are supporting the addition of bus stop hard stands for Tin Can Bay, Cooloola Cove, and Rainbow Beach. Locations have been identified for new minimum boarding point facilities including Crab Creek, Kingfisher Caravan Park, Nautilus Dr, Investigator Ave, Golden Hind Ave, Marco Polo Dr, Canberra Ave, Rainbow Beach Community Centre, and Clarkson Dr at the entrance to Rainbow Shores. They will have a concrete pad with a J Pole signage.

Where Does Water Lie?

Council is encouraging residents to report storm water drainage that is not functioning and is causing water to pool. While works to rectify any issues may take time due to competing priorities and funding, the matter of mosquito breeding can be addressed by treating the water to interrupt the normal mosquito development.

Tin Can Bay Boardwalk

The concrete pathway links were delayed due to the weather however crews are working to have the project completed in June. There will also be wayfinding signage, node points where improved seating will be placed, and improved shade opportunities through tree planting to improve user experience.

Contact Council

There are several ways to contact Gympie Regional Council including using the online requests portal on the website in the Contact Us section on the top right hand corner of the homepage, emailing , phoning customer service on 1300 307 800, by using the Snap Send Solve app or sending a message via the Gympie Regional Council Facebook page.

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