Coolabay Choir March 2020

Enjoyment and pleasure come from hard work, concentration and learning.

We do it all the time and those of us who like to sing, to air our lungs and strive for that lovely sound all of us are capable of making, are in the Coolabay Choir.

It hasn’t always been so, but through dedication and graft we are receiving appreciation.

We sang at the February concert for the fire fighters, the wild creatures and all those who have lost homes and loved ones.

We are always welcome at Music Plus nights and in September we are welcoming lots of visitors who are descending on Tin Can Bay in their caravans and motorhomes, who have expressed a desire to join a singing group whilst they are here.

Our choir practices are sometimes learning new songs, often repeating favourite ones, but always fun with laughter the next favourite experience.

Do come and join our dedicated group and help us move on, Wednesdays, 3 to 4pm, Vets and Community Hall, Cooloola Cove.

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