You’re invited to the magical White for a Night in Rainbow Beach

The organisers had prizes galore at the 'White for a Night' - see for yourself this year!

The organisers had prizes galore at the ‘White for a Night’ – see for yourself this year!

Held March 3, from 6.30 to 10pm, you can experience a unique event, now in its fourth year. This is NOT a fundraiser and NOT a commercial event.

Organiser Lindy Orwin states, “Our goal is to turn Rainbow Beach White for a Night by gathering at a secret location with the sole purpose of sharing a high-quality meal with good friends, old friends and new friends at one of Rainbow’s favourite public locations.”

Lindy explains, “It’s just a fun evening for the Rainbow community to come together at one of the quieter times of year, dress all in white and conduct themselves with the greatest decorum while they share a mass ‘chic picnic ’ in a public location.”

Colour of attire and table setting is white only. Lindy says, “Yes the idea is for literally everything to be white.”

Dress elegantly – originality is encouraged as long as it stays stylish and denotes taste.  Organisers say it is definitely not a costume party.

BYO everything! Like a table, white tablecloth and a white (or white covered) chair each, a picnic basket with quality menu items, china, glassware and cutlery, refreshments and white table decorations (there are prizes).

Registration is essential to know the secret location! Follow them on Facebook and email or call Lindy 0478 039 322.

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