Your Pet – Meet Lady and Nala

Tigerlily with Lady and Nala - Photographer Aimee EversonLady and Nala are a special part of the Everson family from Tin Can Bay and the photo of daughter Tigerlily  was taken by their owner, Photographer Aimee Everson.

Aimee and her husband Ryan and daughters, Destiny, Tigerlily and Bellarose, love this mother and daughter duo.

According to Aimee: “Lady,  alias Mama Pug,  is a very smart and sweet pug with a dash of naughty. She is amazing with kids and babies and never ever shows aggression, she just takes it all.  She thinks she is the top dog. She is a bit bossy, loves to play with her daughter, four month old Nala, and run around at the beach.

“Nala is a purebred pug who is very naughty, cheeky, and she loves her mum and our one-year-old daughter Bellarose, who are little toughies together. Her favourite food is anything she can get her chops into and for Christmas she’s getting some new toys and treats.”

Looking after Pugs

According to Michelle Gadd from Gympie Vet Services, The Pug has seen a growth in popularity in recent times although it is thought to be first bred in China over a thousand years ago.

Being a happy-go-lucky breed, that has an energetic and affectionate personality type, makes the breed good with children and families. With their animated antics, they are sure to keep you laughing.

Having a wide skull, squashed muzzle, bulging eyes, stocky build, short coat and a tightly curled tail, they do have a distinct look. This distinct look does however come with health issues.

Pugs are a ‘Brachycephalic’ breed of dog. This term comes from Greek roots, ‘brachy’, meaning short and ‘cephalic’, meaning head. These characteristics mean they can suffer from breathing difficulties, in some cases affecting the quality of their life.

They often snuffle and snort as they go about their daily life. While this can be considered cute and quirky by some, this noise is in fact an indication that the dog is struggling to breathe. For this reason it is highly recommended that they be kept in a cool area during the warmer months and exercise is to be monitored closely, as this condition affects the dogs ability to regulate its body temperature and can lead to heat exhaustion.

To assist this breed in improved breathing there are surgical procedures performed to widen the Stenotic Nares (Narrowed nostrils), as well as trimming the soft palate which can flap loosely down into the throat creating those snorting sounds.

Excess panting may lead to swelling in the throat and as a result severe respiratory distress may be encountered by the dog

The eyes being in a flat face are vulnerable to injuries and ulcers and must be checked regularly for any potential health problems.

Pet owners with this awareness and consideration to lifestyle, can enjoy many love-filled years with this breed, as they add their special pug love into owners’ lives, and all others they meet in their lifetime.

Michelle Gadd, Gympie Vet Services, 2 Little Channon Street Gympie on 5482 2488  or go to:

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