Young visitors keep Rainbow beautiful

Young visitors keep Rainbow beautiful

Young visitors keep Rainbow beautiful

Rainbow Beach was lucky to have these two lovely young visitors recently.

Emilie Gostelow and Poppy Kelsey were here with their families when they took it upon themselves to give our beach a bit of a clean up.

“We had the pleasure of spending a week at Rainbow Beach over the holidays,” explains Poppy’s proud mum Melissa.

“On one of those days our girls decided to do their bit in cleaning up the beach. They were amazed by the type and amount of rubbish they found!”

The Kelsey family relocated to Gympie from Mt Isa eighteen months ago and now spend many weekends in Rainbow Beach. Their friends from Mt Isa, including Emilie, were visiting and they all spent the week together here in Rainbow.

These environmentally-aware young ladies were just enjoying the beach when they took themselves off and came back with all the rubbish.

And while they definitely didn’t do it for the recognition, it is important that we all let them know that kind acts do indeed get noticed.

As Melissa says, “I just love that the girls saw the rubbish, knew it shouldn’t be there, and collected it.”

We look forward to having you back soon Emilie and Poppy! Although wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was no rubbish on the beach to begin with…

This seems like a perfect place to note that SUNDAY 6 MARCH 2022 is Clean Up Australia Day.

Get your friends, family, neighbours and local community group together to make an impact that improves your environment.

Clean Up Australia will send you a free starter kit that contains bags, gloves and everything you need to create a safe, fun and effective Clean Up.

Kits are available for individuals, families of four, and groups of 10 – nominate which size you need as part of the registration process and please make sure you leave two weeks between registering and your event day, so there is time to receive it.

Go to to register a Clean Up event.

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