You can be a part of the New Zealand Fly Drive Promotion

The New Zealand market has been identified as a significant market for us to target – it is cold and wet throughout the winter months, there are direct flights from Auckland to the Sunshine Coast and agents are always looking for new places to send their clients.

Plus the Kiwis just want some sun!

Heatley Gilmore from the Community News and Rainbow Getaway Holiday Apartments said, “In October last year, Andrew Saunders from Visit Gympie Region and I attended a five-day New Zealand Roadshow in conjunction with other tourism operators from the Sunshine Coast.”

He said it was very worthwhile, with over 200 face-to-face meetings with travel and booking agents from Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

“While I was there to promote Rainbow Getaway, the main focus of my presentation was on the whole of Rainbow Beach and why New Zealanders should visit our wonderful region.”

To follow up the initial and ongoing work being undertaken by ourselves and Visit Sunshine Coast, he is taking the bull by the horns, and will create a Rainbow Beach news magazine, to be inserted into the New Zealand Herald, with the support of Visit Gympie Region. It will be focussed on the beauty and wonder of the area, activities you can do and more.

Local business owners, now it is your chance to be involved with a product to promote the destination of Rainbow Beach. The booking deadline is April 3 with copy due April 7. By advertising in this promotion, or just supporting it with a financial contribution, you are helping promote the region and we will all benefit.

Call Heatley on 0407 660 198 to find out more.

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