World Wetlands Day

shorebirds jan 15 BAGO_MIXED2 (2)

Come and celebrate at Tin Can Bay School from 9am on February 2, 2015. There will be displays in the hall and a tour of Great Sandy Strait migratory shorebird roost at 1pm.

“Sadly, most species of shorebirds in the East Asian/Australasian Flyway are suffering astonishing population crashes. It’s thought that the main problem is…massive land reclamation of the Yellow Sea by China and the two Koreas causing the feeding grounds to contract, so that the birds can’t make it safely through (their migration).”

“We just have to face reality, and that is that we will see extinctions during our lifetime. International talking has yielded nothing.”

Jill Denning, SEQ shorebird expert, Dec 2014

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