Wolf Rock Dive Report

Wolf Rock Dive Report Shark DiveUnfortunately there has been no diving this month due to bad weather conditions.  However as a result of the weather we have been busy with mooring installations and repairs.

There have been a few broken moorings which have created a few problems for other mooring holders. If you have a mooring it’s extremely important to have your components checked by qualifi ed commercial divers to ensure the safety of not only your own vessel but the vessels around you.

When we are doing these mooring inspections you would also be surprised at what sort of marine life we come across. It’s not unusual to fi nd turtles having a nap on top of a mooring anchor and Kev has had to fi ght off the odd sea snake or sand crab.

Some vessels even have their very own eco system growing right under their hulls with loads of hard and soft corals that are home to all sorts of tiny animals.

I still fi nd it a lot more exciting though when you come face to face with the big stuff at Wolf Rock. To give you some perspective, the grey nurse shark in this photo is about 3 metres long and the bull rays measure about 2 metres across the body.
Cheryl Maughan
Wolf Rock Dive

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