Wolf Rock Dive Report

School of bigeye trevally

School of bigeye trevally

Some lovely winter weather has been enjoyed by all divers the last few weeks and although water temperatures have dropped, it doesn’t take long to warm up again in the winter sun.

As we always do this time of year, we have been seeing plenty of humpback whales and enjoying their whale song while under the water.

Grey nurse sharks are lower in number and predominantly male with just a few pregnant females left before they head off to give birth.

Giant Queensland gropers have been frequenting the rock in numbers and we seem to have a resident loggerhead turtle that we have caught napping on the bottom on a regular basis.

He loves to lay on the bottom with his head in a little alcove if he can find one and he blends in surprisingly well with the rocky formation.

If we have time we give him a bit of a back scratch which he seems to enjoy and I suspect this helps to keep his shell nice and clean. For a turtle of his size and age he has very little barnacle growth.

We’ve also seen huge numbers of barracuda, mulloway, bigeye trevally and kingfish, which have been rounding us up in big schools, which is a pretty spectacular sight.

Visibility has been great at around 15 metres and water has been a nice blue colour which our photographers love. Water temperature has been as low as 18 degrees and up to 20 degrees.

Cheryl Maughan

Wolf Rock Dive

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