Whats Open – July 2020

Whats Open - July 2020 - Brooke, Tina, Martine

Brooke, Tina, Martine

As you can see by the two-page feature on pages 20 and 21, so much more has opened up now in the region and what a relief for everyone!

Most businesses now are up and running and returning to normal hours, but it’s important to be patient. Businesses not only have to restock, but their warehouses have to restock too and a lot have been running stock down as they had no idea when businesses would be allowed to re-open.

The good news is the Rainbow Beach Surf Club has opened mid expansions. This means that while the deck isn’t finished, the kitchen now has a new servery, the bathrooms have moved and are very posh, and there are now two big TVs and a lounge area next to the bar. It’s worth a look and the view is still magnificent and food and drinks are available.

The Sports Club has had a big ‘refurb’ and the bottle shop is now a drive-through where the entrance used to be. Meals are only served in the dining room now, which has been revamped and looks amazing, with the upstairs bar now looking very sharp and stickers all over the floor to direct you to the ordering station.

The Tin Can Bay Country Club will be open for business on July 11 with bowls and golf already back on, and the club is now open for dine-in or takeaway Chinese meals, but you are encouraged to book ahead.

All our activities and tours and accommodation houses are back and all are taking the Covid-19 restrictions seriously with precautions in place. If you haven’t been asked to sign in – please ask staff so tracing can be done if necessary.

Great to see you all back!

Gympie Regional Council Cooloola Coast Support Local July 2020

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