WHATEVER has moved!

The new grand entrance.

The new grand entrance.

by Barb Rees

It takes a little investigative work to find them nowadays but it is worth the time. Whatever (Qld) have split themselves in two and moved up the road! The shop is just up from the original shop and the workshop where it has always been in Scullett Drive.

The first thing you will notice is the grand entrance, built by owner Steve McNamara and the boys. It truly is amazing. A real work of art. As I stand there pondering the possibilities of that at my place I am greeted with a big smile by the other owner Nickey McNamara.

Nickey works the retail shop, takes orders and keeps things running smoothly in the office while husband Steve is the ideas man who comes up with the concepts, and with the help of his three offsiders produces items like the new entrance way, the superb slab tables and the unique bar made out of a wine barrel (I love it! I want it!).

Not only do they design and build items for the home, their main livelihood is from the repairs, conversions and fit-outs to vans, boats and even 4×4’s. They are specialists in insurance jobs and are accepted repairers by all insurance companies plus they will sell your caravan or motorhome for you.

“Steve has been a cabinet maker for 34 years, and has spent the last 23 years doing motorhome and caravan repairs and conversions,” explains Nickey. “He is amazing, he just knows how to do things. He gets an idea and can do it, it’s incredible.”

The McNamara’s moved from the Gold Coast to the Cooloola area to, as Nickey says,” Get away from the rat race!”  They established Whatever(Qld) just over four and a half years ago and haven’t looked back.

“We love living here,” says Nickey. “We make sure we get out and enjoy the area. We make sure we have a life! We go fishing and boating and just love going camping at Inskip Point. What an amazing place we live in!”

So next time you need a gizmo for your 4×4 or a thingamajig to take camping or a whatsit to put in the pool room, call in and have a chat with Steve and Nickey. If they haven’t got it, they will get it.

Or Steve will make it for you!

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