What to do with your digital photo collection

Watching the Sunset at Carlo Sandblow Image Julie Hartwig

Watching the Sunset at Carlo Sandblow Image Julie Hartwig

By Julie Hartwig, Tin Can Bay Camera Club

The holidays are here again and that means the cameras will be out in force, capturing the sights of your holiday destination and memories of your time spent with family and friends. It’s easy to take photos on digital devices and if you’re like me, you’ll come home from your holiday with hundreds (or thousands!) of photos. But what do you do with all these photos?

Many of the photos taken on phone/tablet cameras will be posted and shared on social media. You might forget about them once they’ve slid down your timeline, but by uploading your photos to social media, you’re actually storing them in an online photo album that you can revisit whenever you like. You can even download them, but be aware that in uploading to social media platforms, you will lose the original image quality as captured by your camera.

Another option is to create your own photobooks. These have almost replaced the traditional photo album, which began its slide from popularity with the emergence of digital cameras, and in particular smart phones and tablets.

There are many photobook publishers out there and producing your own photobook is easy and affordable. They look great on coffee tables and because they look like a real book, they’ll get looked at over and over.

Finally, for those really special photos, have canvas prints made which can hang on the walls of your home. There’s a wide range of shapes and sizes available, but the quality does vary between suppliers, so do your homework before purchasing.

Happy snapping and enjoy the Cooloola Coast these holidays!

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