What happens on presentation night…stays on presentation night

Tin Can Bay Yacht Club - Team Bovine

Team Bovine

The 2018-19 sailing season finished with the last race in a cold and blustery 20 knot southerly wind gusting to 30 knots at times.

The end of the season was celebrated at presentation night on May 25, the overall winner of all series being Harley Jackman.

The ‘dirt file’ awards were, as usual, anxiously awaited as no-one ever knows if it will be them who is a recipient of a noted incident that has happened during the year.

This year’s awards were the MNOB (man not on board) whilst racing, the Docking and Dredging, the Navigation and the Maintenance (or rather lack of) awards.

The names of the recipients have been withheld. What happens on Presentation Night stays with Presentation Night!

The winter fun cruises have not been, as the first one was rained out and the second one was cancelled due to lack of wind, although it was a glorious day for a picnic. Fingers are crossed for suitable weather for the last planned cruise at the end of June.

The winter ‘sprint’ series commences on July 14.

In July, the Yacht Club will be running a Sailing Instructor’s course, an Assistant Sailing Instructor’s course for junior sailors and a safety boat course.

A school holiday sailing programme is planned for the September school holidays for beginners and for junior sailors who have already completed the course to advance their skills. Here’s hoping for good weather.

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