Wes Mitchell playground upgrades at Tin Can Bay

council 3 wes mitchell  tin can bay playgroundReplacements/upgrade works have started (opposite the Tin Can Bay Library) last month and play equipment was available for use, and new turf areas completed.

Works include:

  • Installation of one new multi-item toddler play area
  • Removal of existing toddler play item
  • Relocation of two spring toys and toddler-age-group focused slide to be adjacent to new toddler equipment, creating a central toddler focused area with plenty of natural shade
  • Relocation of T swing to better location, and spinning Spica for same reasons.
  • Rationalisation of existing soft fall covered area to what is actually needed and reshape/turf the non-required area. This will improve aesthetics and lower maintenance costs
  • Increase natural shade by planting more trees

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