We Need Clean Fill!

Please! Dump your dirt here!

Please! Dump your dirt here!

Okay, so we’re looking for some help here. The Tin Can Bay Community & Men’s Shed is in urgent need of CLEAN, SOLID FILL at the Shed’s premises in Amity Place, Tin Can Bay.

We’ve provided clear access for you to drive in, back up, and drop off any unwanted fill you may have, and we’re there every weekday morning to lend a hand shovelling it out.

Just follow the signs or call Paul Boulton on 0437 007 911 for directions.

This is the first step in our most important and biggest project for 2022. The storage sheds that will then be built here will provide safer and easier access to the Shed’s wood stores – further enhancing the workability of The Shed.

And while you’re there, pop in and say hello to see what The Shed has to offer you.

You can bring your recyclable cans and bottles too to donate to our fund-raising efforts AND you can check out the goods we’re producing. It’s a great organisation to belong to.

Hope to see you soon.

Tin Can Bay Community & Men’s Shed,

9am – 1pm Monday – Friday

Amity Place, Tin Can Bay – 0491 175 038

Carole Lehmann

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