Warriors end of season goes off with a bang!

Head Coach BJ Parton and the whole Warrior team!

Head Coach BJ Parton and the whole Warrior team!

By Head Coach Bobbie-jo Parton  

What a great season it has been for all our swimmers. Not only did they all do well at swim club, they exceeded in school swimming and sports, outside club swim events and Nippers.

Swimmers train all year if they want to be prepared for the swim season from August to March. Swimmers attended swim club night every Thursday to compete against previous times swam, also each other in their age category.

The first championship night had freestyle, breaststroke and individual medley events.

Round two began with Dash for Cash where all swimmers sprint 25m freestyle and first, second and third place received a voucher to spend at the Aquatic Centre.

We are seriously thinking of putting a $10 note at the end of the pool for every event, as all the swimmers really swam fast for the money! Backstroke, butterfly and 100m of freestyle and breaststroke completed the night.

I enjoy seeing all the swimmers trying their hardest, as while I am training them I see the big improvements in all of them, especially from the beginning of the season where some swimmers could not swim further than 12m and are now in 50m events. This is a huge accomplishment!

Anything is possible when you work hard and train hard for things.

A big thank you to the sports club, to Food Works for letting us fundraise at your store and to everyone for help with the fundraising, and the Community News for all the stories you have done for our club.

The biggest thanks goes to Viki Daniels and Laurel Findlater for all your help – I couldn’t have done the season without you.

Congratulations to all swimmers were made at a special night at the sports club where encouragement awards and age champion trophies were presented.

Warrior Age Champions for 2015/16 season

Age First Second Third
6  and under Manaia Kelly Oakley Hall Blake Findlater
Ruby Klekar  Jahli Parton Amalia Bull
7 years Malakhi Bentley Callum Misso
Tabitha Permezel Zoe
8 years Max Klekar Mason Bignell
Chloe Daniels
9 years Tane Bentley Seth Parton Jacob Jordison
Jasmin White Luxie-Leigh Findlater/Duffy and Rose Vicic tie 2nd
10 years Joel
Annalise White Amassa Mcpherson Amber Daniels
12 years Zac
Mikala Daniels
13 years Boys Te Kelly
14 years Girls Kyani Parton
OPEN CHAMPION Kyani Parton Jasmin White Mikala Daniels Annalise White

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