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swim club nov 14 102By Bobbie-jo Parton, Head Coach/Swim Instructor

Holidays are just around the corner! The Aquatic and Fitness Centre have many activities on for the festive season including a Pool Christmas party to be held on December 19, 3pm till 5pm.

A New Year’s Party will commence at 4pm on December 31 and finish at 10pm. Cost is pool entry of $3 for 12 and under, $4 for over 12. Hot food and drinks are available from the kiosk on the night. Children 10 and over are able to be signed in (must be able to swim) under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Club Nights

The last club night will be December 11 and will return January 29. Bring your friends along to join in on the fun! Events : Special event 100BK, 12.5/25/50 all strokes. Nominate at kiosk or text BJ event details 0419929037.

All parents to help with time keeping. 2 timekeepers per swimmer. Also cooking the BBQ and Marshalling. Parton Family on Duties this week.


Note that Squad times will change for the holiday season.

Monday     6am SR, 6:30am JNR.         3:45pm JNR/DEV. 4:45 SR

Tuesday     3:30pm JNR, 4:45pm SR.

Wednesday 3:30pm JNR   4:45pm SR

Thursday   4pm DEV

Friday       3:30pm JNR 4:45pm SR

Come join in on Aqua exercise.

It is a low impact exercise that helps each individual reach their personal goal!

Whether it’s weight loss, to tone up, if you are feeling a little stiff in those joint and muscles or if you are reluctant to exercise because you feel unfit, start off easy! Aqua is for all ages and will help you! Work at your own pace. It’s a great social session filled with giggles and fun, but more importantly it’s getting you fit with low impact.

CLASS TIMES are Monday 9am and 6pm, Wednesday 9am and 6pm and Thursday 9am.

Meets Coming up

Pelican Waters Caloundra 2015 Sprint Meet, Saturday January 10, 2015,Caloundra Aquatic Lifestyle Centre

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