Visit The Dolphins This School Holidays

Norma Sanderson, Dolphin Volunteer Coordinator

Covid restrictions have certainly reduced the number of visitors to our area and the Dolphin Centre, but those who do come are welcomed and looked after.

Most visitors realise that we have to follow the Covid rules and comply with our instructions. With school holidays around the corner we hope that restrictions will be relaxed so more visitors can come to the Cooloola Coast.

During this pandemic the dolphins are oblivious of our concerns, as feeding is monitored and carried out as normal (especially spraying of hands with an antiseptic before handling the fish).

These steps are taken to make sure the dolphins are safe from any of our viruses. It is also an important education program to inform the young and old about the plight of our sea creatures from pollution within the waterways and the effects of human viruses on them.

Mystique is still missing, so it is probably unlikely he will return as Harmony seems to have taken over as the dominant male. We hope Mystique is strutting up the Straits gathering a new family. As the dolphins are not tagged we cannot predict or know of their whereabouts.

Thank you to those residents who have indicated they wish to become volunteers. Training is given before commencement. If you think you could help out please phone me on 0439075271 so I can arrange an interview.

Remember if you are a resident of the area you are welcome to the Dolphin Centre and have free admission, only paying for feeding if you wish to participate.

We open at 7am and have viewing of the dolphins until around 7.45am. This gives visitors a chance to hear all about the history and attributes of our Australian Humpback dolphins. Photographing is welcomed.

See you there.

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