Virtual Science Festival

STEAMzone Virtual Conference Hall

STEAMzone Virtual Conference Hall

Everyone is getting excited about this year’s STEAMzone Virtual Science Festival for National Science Week.

The Gympie STEM Hub is going virtual on Saturday August 22, but not like everybody else. No Zooming or FaceBook streaming here.

This year they are building the whole festival on an island in 3D. Families can download a free program to access the event from 9am and make their avatars (virtual people) then attend the event or take a speed boat ride or even watch fireworks.

STEAMzone 2020 will be a unique FREE event in the super easy-to-use VirBELA Virtual World where experts will lead engaging activities, interesting presentations, challenging debates and lots of fun!

There’s even a concert after dark and your avatar can dance the night away until 8:30 (it is a family friendly event after all).

You’ll find out interesting info about the cute marine turtle hatchlings at Rainbow Beach, snake wrangling from an expert, take a virtual tour of the Wurraglen Nature Refuge, meet some awesome Water Bugs and so much more.

More information and download info at

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