Twenty of the region’s roads to be graded this fortnight

Residents will see Council activity across the region over the next two weeks.

Maintenance activities

Asphalt repairs – Glasgow Street, Bruce Highway, Bauple Woolooga Road, Bay Road, Bunya Highway.

Town maintenance – Golden Hind Avenue, Esplanade, Kandanga Imbil Road.

Bridge maintenance – Bridge Creek Road.

Slashing – Glastbury, Widgee, Veteran/Dowsfield.

Grading – Caulley Road, Carmyle Road, Running Creek Road, Curra Estate, Greenhalgh Road, Brunjes Road, Brady’s Road, Wood Road, Enterprise Road, Phillips Road, Visini Road, Coonoongibber Creek Road, Bella Creek Road, Greendale Road, Euston Road, Little Road, McGill Snapper Creek Road, Bayside Road, Teewah Point Road, Clyde Road.

Unsealed road re-sheeting – McIntosh Creek Road, Queens Park Drive, Fisher Road, Old Coach Lane.

Re-seal preparation – Kinbombi Road, Manumbar Road, Hayes Road, Phillips Road, Coleman Siding Road.

Construction activities

Waldock Road/Heilbronn Road – road widening: The works involve widening the existing roadway including culverts and construction of a concrete pathway. Construction of concrete pathways is underway. It is estimated the project will be complete by 7 June 2019.

Mellor Street – street scaping: The works involve the renewal of the existing kerb and channel, footpath, planting of new street trees and associated landscape works.

Ironstone Creek Road: The works include removal of existing damaged concrete floodway and pipe culvert. Installation of a new Reinforced Concrete Boxed Culvert structure, construction of a new reinforced concrete floodway, signage, temporary side track, scour protection works and revegetation. It is estimated the project will be complete by 15 June 2019.

Mary Valley Rail Trail (Imbil to Brooloo): The works include construction of gravel walking trails, reinforced concrete pathways, stormwater drainage culverts, minor earthworks and clearing, fencing and signage works. The works also include construction of trail heads at Imbil and Brooloo, which include construction of a gravel carpark, signage and fencing. It is expected this project will be complete by 28 June 2019.

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