Twelve new members for Swim Club

Baily Orazio enjoying the pool

Baily Orazio enjoying the pool

by Bj Parton, Head coach/Instructor

To start off, the Swim Club has over 12 new members and will be having our first club night on the second week back at school, Thursday October 15, beginning at 5pm.

If you haven’t been involved in swimming or a swim club before come down and give it a go, or simply offer your assistance on the evening. It’s a great start for kids to become fit, be a part of a team and work on development skills, such as coordination and conditioning.

If your child is seven or under they can join the swim club for free. Even if they can’t swim that perfect stroke, they will see their improvement and enjoy just being there on the night.

Eight-year-olds are going at half price this season for $40 and this allows them to swim on club nights, away meets and join in on any extra activities we have for swim club events till August 2016. We are able to accept applications throughout the season.

The heat is no longer on in the pool as the warmer weather is now here!

If you are interested in doing your still water Bronze, first aid or Pool Lifeguard certificate please come and see Bj at the Aquatic Centre before October 6, and no later than October 8 to book in. First aid is a skill everyone in the family can benefit from.

Learning to swim is a huge part of a child or adult’s life and if you are unable to swim and would like to learn I am here to assist you in changing that!

If you are over 20 and cannot swim I will offer you a one-on-one lesson with me to get water confident. I have my certificate in Swimming  and Water Safety, Access and Inclusion, Competitive Strokes, Mum’s and Bub’s, Bronze coaching and Cert 3 in sports coaching and I am here to help.

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