Turning Rainbow White for a Night

Back row: Naomi Warburton, Lindy Orwin, Glenys Badcock,  Robyn  Lynn, Front row: Rob Warburton, Paul Badcock, Trish Torenbeek, Ella Pepinghege

Back row: Naomi Warburton, Lindy Orwin, Glenys Badcock, Robyn Lynn, Front row: Rob Warburton, Paul Badcock, Trish Torenbeek, Ella Pepinghege

by Michelle Gilmore

A secret location. Not a fundraiser. Not a commercial event.

The invitation said it was just a fun evening for the Rainbow Community to come together and share a high quality meal with, “good friends, old friends and new friends at one of Rainbow’s favourite public locations”.

And there was one major specification. White only. White tablecloths, chairs, table decorations, elegant white attire – including shoes! in fact, as much white as you could muster.

We were so intrigued we had to come along. A “mass, chic picnic” with “BYO everything,” including proper glassware, cutlery and china. (“Class all the way.”)

The March event was organised by Lindy Orwin, Glenys Badcock and Trish Torenbeek.

Lindy said, “As a newcomer to Rainbow Beach, I wanted to meet more locals and thought this event would a be a good way to do that.

“People in Rainbow seem to spend so much time looking after the tourists, this was an opportunity to host something special for the locals.”

Lindy was inspired by an American friend who attended a white “chic picnic”.

She found out it was styled on a Paris event called Diner en Blanc, where over 15,000 people in white gather annually.

“I loved the theatrical playfulness of the event and the concept of a group of people coming together to share a meal, where everyone collectively creates the magic.”

The trio thought residents would enjoy the formal atmosphere that white creates. For  “class and flamboyancy” they suggested “feathers, headgear, pearls, tulle and plenty of bling.”

And diners did! Lindy, Glenys and Trish thanked all the participants, “From the elegant outfits with that special beach twist, to the creative and beautiful table settings, including the magical fairy light precinct, everyone contributed to making the chic picnic such a memorable night.”

Our group scoured our kitchens, wardrobes and op shops, and even polished up the cutlery. I am sure local shops sold a few white lights, dresses and decor leading up to the date.

Lindy said, “Lots of people loved the playfulness of the secret location. It adds to the mystery.  Also, as the events are in open air public places, we have to be flexible to cater for the weather and the public use of the locations. We always have a plan B in case the site is in use and Plan C if it’s raining.”

They are already planning another event, with better music and dancing. “So many people enjoyed the night and we’ve had lots of requests from people who didn’t come. We hadn’t allowed for the loudness of the surf so our music system was not up to the task.”

The full moon rising at the event was an extra touch of magic.

It is not invitation only. As long as you are happy to enter into the spirit of the event — to make the night special for everyone and leave nothing behind but happy memories, you are very welcome, just email whiteforanight@gmail.com.

We’ll look forward to the next one!

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