Treating Tears with Trauma Teddies

QCWA Trauma TeddiesBack in 1990 when Richard Hamilton, a superintendent of the Campbelltown ambulance service, took witness of a stressed child being calmed through the gift of a teddy bear he saw a simple but affective approach to dealing with trauma.

Fast forward almost 30 years and the initiative has seen countless gifts of knitted love reduce suffering in both young and old.

The Tin Can Bay QCWA is a proud supporter of the project and are holding a ‘How To’ session. Both experienced and novice knitters are welcome to come and learn the skill of creating these bundles of joy.

The pattern requires 8 ply wool and size 10 knitting needles so if you have some bring them along, however there will also be a few spares to learn on at the Branch.

Session starts at 10am on Wednesday April 3 at the Tin Can Bay QCWA meeting room on Whiting St (behind the Seaside Cottage.) If you can’t make it, but still want to contribute or would like a pattern, contact Wendy on 0412 547 043.

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