Transit Vessels, Whales and Cautionary Tales

Tin Can Bay Coastguard - Grateful for a safe bar escort

Grateful for a safe bar escort

This time of the year, we should be having those warm sunny days with cold nights and moderate to light winds. What a mixed bag we have seen, where the Wide Bay Bar was effectively closed for nine days due to dangerous swells and high winds.

Just one day before, a large group of Riviera Power Cruisers were escorted over the bar by our vessel, Cooloola Rescue 3. When the bar finally settled, it was as though the “free beer” flag had been hoisted. For the first four good days, over 50 vessels came through the bar and thankfully, without incident.

Many cruising boaties have reported good numbers of whale sightings this year. In July and early August, it is not uncommon to see the stragglers still swimming north, as well as the early returning whales starting to come into Hervey Bay on their journey south.

If you are heading outside, please keep a good lookout for whales. While the adult whales are good at avoiding vessels, the juveniles are still learning how to use their sonar.

We have had a couple of recent activations to assist people who have set off without sufficient fuel, so please make sure you not only check your tanks, change your fuel filters regularly and dispose of any stale fuel.

Safe and happy boating

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