To shave or not to shave?

shave for a cureRainbow schoolteacher, Lynne Chamberlain has had long hair all her life, except two hair cuts at 10 and 31 years. But on June 22, what would have been her sister’s 58th birthday, she will either shave her head or not for a cure- and it all depends on you!

Lynne said, “As a lot of you already know last year my beautiful sister Dianne lost her long and brave battle with oesophageal cancer. She was my hero and the same age as me when she died, we were born eleven months apart and were always like twins.”

“The Cancer Council helped me so much, I would like to give something back. When I mentioned the shave to a friend of mine she told me that she would pay me NOT to shave.”

Whichever way raises the most money will determine the outcome, so please nominate whether you would like to donate to shave or not to shave. Tins are out at school and around town or you can visit:

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