Tin Can Bay State School December 2020 News

Year 9 students Rakeen, Blake and Mark, who are helping to complete the artwork at the Multi Purpose Space at Tin Can Bay school

Year 9 students Rakeen, Blake and Mark, who are helping to complete the artwork at the Multi Purpose Space at Tin Can Bay school


Last month, the students from Prep to Year 10 at Tin Can Bay School came together to  acknowledge and celebrate the diverse culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Students experienced artefacts, story telling, dance, ochre, fire making, Indigenous games, bush mobiles and boomerang throwing.

We would like to say a massive thank you to our Elders for sharing their time and knowledge!

Tin Can Bay State School’s 9/10 Visual Art Program

In Term 4, Mrs Masri and her Year 9/10 Art Class are creating a mural in the school’s multi-purpose space (MPS) which is used for lunch-time activities, high school assemblies and more.

Their goal is to convey the class’s creativity and include the theme of kindness and compassion in one image, to then be transferred and painted, using a variety of methods, onto the school MPS wall.

Their artwork will contain a paint bucket being spilt out onto the wall providing colour to compliment the words of kindness which will be written into a staircase, which will be painted beneath.

The spilt paint is to be divided into segments where each piece will be dedicated to each class-member who will fill them with whatever their creativity leads to.

Overlaying the spilt paint is a snake, painted in the traditional Aboriginal art style, with the Aboriginal word “wu’a” (meaning “to give”) printed on its body.

Colours are a very significant element in the mural. The bricks in the image will have a very dull colour palette, which is contrasted by the bright and careful choice of colours in the paint and stairs.

The colour palette represents the beauty that kindness provides the universe, with the paint bucket’s contents tearing through the dull cruelty of the world today.

Curious Creatures and Wild Minds Abound!

Dr Suess said it perfectly, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Students shared their love of reading and their favourite stories and characters at Book Week 2020.

Held last month, students enjoyed all the wild goings-on around the school and at the school library, letting their creativity run wild. They started the week by building their own crazy story treehouse with a disco level, a Ranger apprentice level, marshmallow clouds, an insect paradise, a butterfly forest, a dragon’s lair and a race car track to name a few.

Students also created mini monsters, bookmarks and thumbprint creatures, culminating with students dressing as their favourite book characters to fill the school for the Book Character Parade on the Friday! What a wonderful way to celebrate our love of books and reading!

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