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June Fraser shows off her quilt - join the Tin Can Bay Quilters on Tuesdays

June Fraser shows off her quilt – join the Tin Can Bay Quilters on Tuesdays

Well. we are all back at quilting, not that much sewing got done, lots of talking and catching up and a great morning tea.

Last month we will be making a small bag called ‘Nellies Sewing Bag’, thanks to Irene. We have quite a few projects in the pipeline that Irene has organised for us to do.

On February 20 we are going on a bus trip out to Bells Bridge and Hervey Bay to look at some fabric and maybe buy some!

Also Friendship Day is on May 14 at the Community Hall and it is creeping up on us fast, but it is a great day so please keep this day free and come along and see some fantastic quilts and meet some lovely people from all over the region.

Not only do we make quilts of all shapes and sizes. we do make smaller items such as bags, cup holders, table runners, placemats, etc. It does not have to be a quilt you make, if you want to come and join us.

You do not need an expensive machine if you are learning, just a straight sewing machine is good enough. We have quite a few interesting projects in the year, as well as a few bus trips, so if you are interested, please come along.

We are always looking for new members – we are a friendly group, and if you have never done patchwork or would like to learn to sew, join us, there is always someone to help you.

Meet 9am Tuesdays at the Community Complex, corner Tin Can Bay Rd and Bayside Drive, next door to the Cooloola Bowls Club.

Contact Jacquie Cross: 54864468

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