Tin Can Bay P-10 School “reboots”

Congratulations Tin Can Bay School Swimming Age Champions!

Congratulations Swimming Age Champions!

Thank you to the many parents and families who met with teachers and talked with us about our Reboot strategies at our first community event of the year. A take home Reboot pack was available for every school family.

If you couldn’t make it, please pop in to the office to collect yours. Our Reboot packs contain a brief outline of our school processes, plus a handy fridge magnet of the five faces.
Look out in March for Prep-Year 6 parent/teacher interviews, Crazy Hair Day, fun runs, Cross Country and the Easter Bonnet Parade – all the dates are in the What’s On page.

Swimming Carnival

Over 200 students participated, demonstrating awesome house spirit and encouragement for competitors. Congratulations to Tuncan, who won the first event for the year.

Congratulations also to our individual competitors and Age Champions. A special mention must be made of Paris Reibel. Paris won first in freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke. Which makes her Age Champion.

Paris also went up in Open Age Champion against kids up to grade 10. She is in grade 5. Paris won Open in breaststroke and butterfly, then won the individual medley! Awesome effort Paris!

Age Female Male
9 Madison   Blake
10 Paris Aidan
11 Chloe Balin
12 Keisha Jake
13 Courtney Blake
14 Chloe and Chloe Nelson
15 Anna Jarrod
16 Tim
Open: Paris Nelson

A big thank you to Rebecca Reibel, Yvonne Jensen and Kristy Yates for their help with our food stall at the Swimming Carnival. With your help we raised $337.30!

P&C News

The P&C AGM was held on Tuesday evening, which included the nomination and election of the Executive team.

Congratulations to Jodi Naulty (President), Megan O’Driscoll (Secretary) and Annette Bailey (Treasurer). Anyone interested in the Vice President position is welcome and invited to join us at our next meeting on Tuesday, March 20 in Admin building at 6pm.

Our P&C has grown from strength to strength over the last 3 years, and with such strong membership and Executive Strengths, I am confident that we will achieve great things this year.


The P&C is urgently calling for volunteers who would be willing to commit to regular, rostered canteen duty. Without this volunteer base, it is unlikely that we will be unable to run a weekly canteen service. If you are keen to see the canteen up and running and have a couple of hours free on a Thursday, can you please contact the school with your details.

Personal Technology Devices

There has been much discussion in the media about whether or not mobile phones should be banned at school. Tin Can Bay P-10 State School’s policy on the use of personal technology devices reflects the importance the school places on students utilising personal technology appropriately, ethically and legally in a school setting.

It recognises the multiple uses of mobile phones and similar personal technology devices and the place they hold in society and in the lives of young people.

The policy also recognises that the fundamental role of schools is learning and teaching and the potential distraction and disruption for learning and positive relationships between students, if use is not appropriate.

Mobile phones, if necessary at school and supported by a parent /caregiver, are permitted but under strict guidelines and expectations which reflect the three school agreements – Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be a Learner.

Whilst mobile phones and similar devices are not banned for use at school, they are not permitted to be used in classrooms or in moving between lessons. They may only be used in class under the explicit direction of a teacher for specific and justifiable educational purposes.

TCB policy reflects accepted societal norms in settings which have similar restrictions, such as airlines, motor vehicles and cinemas. Mobile phones must be in airplane mode or turned off and out of sight if taken into class. This includes accessories which accompany phones such as headphones.

Mobile phones and accessories can be confiscated if they are used inappropriately. The school does not accept responsibility or liability if a personal technology device is lost, stolen or damaged or used unethically or illegally at school.

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