Tin Can Bay P-10 School News

Michael Hart, Rhyanna-Mae Pache, Connor McKay fuel up for some good learning

Michael Hart, Rhyanna-Mae Pache, Connor McKay fuel up for some good learning

Support Staff Week

At Tin Can Bay we are blessed to have a wonderful and diverse range of dedicated people who contribute to creating an environment where teaching and learning can be most effective.

From Helen who tends our beautiful grounds, to Jayne who guides our kids through some of their challenging times, to Renee who keeps the financing and resourcing on track.

Sue, who creates a love of reading through our library, and Janelle and Colleen, who truly provide a superb client service to our special team of teacher aides. And last but not least, our cleaning staff. TCB is blessed.

Our school could not operate without these people and our kids’ days are so much more enhanced because of their commitment and the great work they do.

“It takes the whole village to educate a child” and these people are at the heart of the TCB school village.

Principal’s Position

After much contemplation I have decided that I will not continue at Tin Can Bay beyond this term. The improvement journey and direction we have created requires long-term stable leadership and unwavering energy and resilience.

At this point in my career and personal life circumstances I cannot honestly give this commitment, and I believe it would be selfish and unfair to this community to continue otherwise.

This week we finalise an action plan, resulting from the Priority School Review, which provides firm detail and direction to give momentum to the improvement agenda we have created.

I have appreciated the support I have received from the community in my short time hereI hope I have made a valuable contribution that has germinated a plan for the ongoing growth of the school and the students.

P&C News

Our P&C has done very well this year to re-establish itself and re-develop a stable financial base.

The focus of the small team has been to re-open the Tuckshop and over the past weeks we have seen this realised. Jodi, Jill and Lisa (now Treasurer) are to be congratulated on their efforts.

P&C meetings are now on the third tuesday of the month and we would love you to join. The next meeting is Tuesday 20 October 6pm.

A new Vice President will be elected at a Special General Meeting. Nominations are called for the position of Vice President of the TCB P&C Association. Also on the agenda are:

  1. Financial trading plan for the Tuckshop
  2. Funds required for Volleyball Melbourne trip 2015
  3. 2016 Student Resource Scheme.

German Café

The German Café organised by the Year 6 students on Friday September 11 was a full success. Parents, teachers and students were enjoying the food the students had prepared.

The Café Deutsch had Schwarzwälderkirschtorte (Black Forest Cake) and Spaghettieis (an ice-cream dish that looks like a plate of Spaghetti) on the menu. Great effort Year 6, gut gemacht!

Kitchen Garden

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden team and students were thrilled to see a good crowd of families and locals visit the open garden morning, which looked at its best thanks to the hard work of Maureen, Ian, Grade 5 and 6 students and volunteers.

Visitors were shown around the extensive garden by Tabitha, Max, Bailey, Luke, Nick and Tyler, who did a great job as tour guides.

Thanks to Sita for providing tea and coffee and to Maureen and her team for the delicious morning tea for the visitors..

Chaplaincy Trivia Night

Last Saturday evening around 80 people braved the threat of wet weather to attend a Trivia Night in the school hall to raise funds for chaplaincy.

Great prizes donated by local businesses, the P&C Association and the kitchen garden were drawn throughout the evening.

Thank you to Mr. Jose & Mrs. Mann for the use of the School Hall and your help on the night, Miss Jayne, Téa and Kaysea for their help with supper and the SES for the use of their tables

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