Tin Can Bay Fishing Club Report April 2020

Clean Up Australia Day was a big success thanks to the TCB Fishing Club and the community who volunteered to help out

Clean Up Australia Day was a big success thanks to the TCB Fishing Club and the community who volunteered to help out

Just before the most recent stint of strong wind and rain periods there were a few good catches of squid, so these may be worth targeting even though it is a bit early in the year for the normal squid season. There have been a few prawns caught recently in the local creeks and in the Sandy Straits, so keep the cast net handy and keep an eye out for prawns flicking on the surface or birds feeding on them when they are on the move on the outgoing tide.

The reefs and ledges have produced a few quality fish lately in amongst the near plague proportions of various sizes and species of sharks and large green toad fish nipping off hooks and sinkers.

There have been reasonable numbers of quality mud crabs in amongst the many female and under size crabs caught throughout the bay including in the shallows where there is still a lot of fresh water runoff. Some of the bucks even though legal size are empty and are better let go to fill up and be caught later even if they are caught by someone else.

If you don’t know how to tell if a mud crab is full ask Mr GOOGLE as there is information to be found there, as it’s a shame to kill an empty crab just for a small taste.

A few quality whiting and flathead have been caught in the cleaner water on the rising tide and the mangrove jack are still active in the creeks, but will get harder to find as the water cools off with all of the fresh run-off and the general temperature drop.

There have been a few barra confirmed caught recently and rumour of a larger number being caught locally and later showing up at a fish market. Participate in this very illegal activity and you will be dobbed in.

With the traditional wet season being here with a vengeance and the persistent wind it has been difficult to find an opportunity to get out on the water for a fish, or are the majority in our area just getting a bit old to brave the elements?

Let’s hope the weather comes good soon so we can get back out on the water, and the capture of various piscatorial species, and not toilet paper (or the lack of), can be the main topic of conversation.

Our three events sponsored through the Recreational Fishing Grant 2020; Kids Fishing Day, April 5; Fishing Training Day, May 3; and the Free Basic Boating and Safety Course on May 31 have been postponed.

The TCB Fishing Club members and the community thank the Queensdland Government for their understanding and on-going community support.

The next general meeting is planned to be held at 4pm on Wednesday April 15 at our Club House, 33 Dolphin Ave, TCB. Secretary: 0437 242-171. Email:  tcbfishingclub@bigpond.com  All welcome.

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